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ESI’s Innovation Center is focused on safety, quality and productivity. We fabricate everything from switch plates to entire electrical rooms. Performing this work away from the job site means we work more efficiently and can meet more aggressive deadlines. Additionally, prefabrication is a safer way to work because it limits exposure to hazardous activities on the job site, such as the number of times an employee goes up and down in a lift to fit a part.


We fabricate a wide variety of assemblies that can be built and stored ahead of schedule. Following is a list of just some of our products.

  • Underground feeder conduit stub-ups
  • Duct banks
  • Long-span fixtures
  • Pendants, whips and support cables for industrial and garage fixtures
  • MC cable branch circuiting for lighting
  • Pre-cut and terminated MC lengths
  • Lighting junction boxes with support rod assembly and support plates
  • Lighting fixtures palletized by area, whips and lamps installed
  • Electrical room panels and transformers
  • Electrical conduit bending
  • Low-voltage stub-ups
  • MC-cable in-wall rough-in for boxes and receptacles
  • Strut trapeze supports for conduit racks
  • Junction boxes with flex whip for ceiling devices

Sixty-five of our prefabricated electrical assemblies are UL listed. The certification means UL has tested representative samples of each product and determined that they meet specific, defined requirements. According to UL’s records, ESI is one of approximately 50 electrical contractors in the U.S. with this listing.


Everything we do in the Innovation Center is something we don’t have to do in the field. That reduces the number of hours employees spend working in the field amid potentially hazard site conditions. Building a conduit rack in the shop at floor level is much safer and easier than building it up in the air on a congested job site.

Prefabrication reduces stress caused by unexpected problems and time constraints, allowing our employees to maintain their focus on safety.


Our product and installation methods allow us to maintain company- and project-wide standards for materials. Consistent methods mean fewer errors. We also perform forced planning and components pre-testing before installation. We label our prefabricated products, giving future maintenance personnel an advantage when troubleshooting or making additions.

Our 65 UL listed prefabricated electrical assemblies range from receptacles and switches to conduit kits. UL is a globally recognized certification for safety and quality.


Our Innovation Center team uses manufacturing methods to produce individual assemblies, with special tooling and increased production goals. Field installation time is reduced because a greater part of the work is completed in the shop.

Accurate design and documentation help us do it right the first time in a safe, climate-controlled area with tools and materials at hand. This reduces distractions and work stoppage, increasing efficiency.

Prefabricated assemblies can be built and stored ahead of schedule. Workstations are permanent and don’t have to be set up each day. And more trash is confined to the shop area, where it is easily recycled.

Case Study - Medpace - Ohio

Our Innovation Center team spent more time up front prefabricating the pipe run on this project, but the time saved in the field paid off. We drew and clash tested the pipe runs. We broke the pipe run into segments and assigned each piece, bend and strut hanger a number that matched up with the drawing attached to the skid, making installation clear and quick. Anchors were assigned a Trimble point and we used Trimble to shoot in blue banger anchors, avoiding the silica and eye hazards that come with overhead drilling.